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How to get Mystery Meat in CastleVille?

Posted on: November 30, 2011

The first time when you need Mystery Meat in CastleVille is when you undertake the quest Home Improvements by the Duke. The Castle Ville Game tells you that you can get this item by fishing in your pond or asking your friends for it. There is, as always, a third way and it is to purchase it, using some of your available crowns. I have so far tried to find it fishing in the pond, but in vain.

So instead I decided to craft a Fishing Bait in my CastleVille Workshop. Using the Fishing Bait I might be able to get the items that I need. Still I did not want to leave the Mystery Meat to luck and I sent requests to my CastleVille Friends. I will now try to find some Mystery Meat fishing and I will let you know if it worked.


27 Responses to "How to get Mystery Meat in CastleVille?"

did you find any?

They are a mystery! I need several, perhaps if we are neighbors we can send them back and forth?

@Mike Magnant I added you on Facebook if you wish I will be able to send you the items you need.

@colin – yes, I got it, but from friends, it is next to impossible to get it fishing.

Can you guys add me on facebook too. I am looking for mystery meat (and also more neighbours) in castleville ?

heyy, i’m looking for mystery meat too, can someone add me an send me some??

i am also looking can u help?

Hi Chris, What is your FB name? If you login with FB it is linked to your name here.

Hi Mike, My name is Bernice Gumbs. I’m also stuck on 2 quests because of this mystery meat. pls could u add me as a neighbor on facebook so that we can aid each other?
Let me know…….

I added you too! 🙂

This morning I visited several neighbors pages, and on thier page clicked on the Mystery Meat and Shards, so of thos appeared in my Inventory. I’m definately going to try it again later today.

Hi! I’m desperately looking 4 neighbors 4 Castleville.Any interested persons? Pls let me know……….

I need mystery meat too on two quests. You can add me if you want, i could use some neighbors. Melinda Custo. Thanks!

Hi, We need your FB name to send a friend/neighbor request. Or you can just friend me. 🙂

I’m stuck, too. I need mystery meat add me, please.

I’m also stuck. I will send out neighbor requests, too!

Can you add me too always need neighbors, and need mystery meat!

Guys add me to to ur friend in casttle vile im looking for moreneightbours name Maciej Kustra

Mike please help to my little boy to find 3 pieces of Mystery Meat on CastleVille-Facebook.I-his father sent you request for friendship a few minutes ago. Please we need You , You’re the Guy we need for.You’re the man. Help my littlle boy for these Christmas Days. Thank You !!!

It is OK to Friend Me. I did not see you post until today.

I need mystry meet too please, someone help me

Hi Neighbor to be,

We can’d make you a neighbor unless you facebook name appears so we can friend you first.


hey you guys, can u add me too plz or send me your name to add you cuz im stuck too, and i need neighbors, ill be glad to help u out too, thanks!

Hi all, I am new to this game and is also looking for the meaty stuff. Can some of you please add me on facebook and add me as a neighbour that will be great! My name is Melanie Sillifant. Thanks a lot!

Hi Melanie and Everyone else who needs CastleVille Friends. Easiest if you login here with your facebook account to post, then we can find you and and to be your friend.


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